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HC Winos

Our next event will be an Italian themed event at Sam & Diane Robert's home.  They will be hosting the event along with the help of Patty and Denise.  This will be like the last event (Champagne) which turned out to be a lot of fun.  Keeping with the Italian theme we will be tasting several Chianti wines (see example notes below).  Following are the details:

Date:  April 9th
Time:  6:30 pm
Main Dish:  Lasagna (provided)
Potluck:  Bring a Dish
Location:  Pug Nation (on the gate), 1041 Rainbow Drive, Spring Branch, TX 78070  210-213-4319
                   Rainbow Drive is one block East on Hwy 46 from 281 (Dominos side)
Suggested Donation:  $10
Wine:  Chianti

Please RSVP so they know how much lasagna and chianti to provide for the party. 


Wine group April 9th - Chianti Tasting Notes

The first on our list of Chianti wine recommendations is the Da Vinci 2004 DOCG Chianti. This wine is usually priced at about twelve to fourteen dollars a bottle and is one of the highest rated Chianti wines under fifteen dollars. This is a juicy, fruity, medium bodied Chianti wine recommendation and may just be the best inexpensive Chianti wine available in the world. (see also History Of Chianti)

The next on our list of Chianti wine recommendations is the Badia a Coltibuono Chianti Classico DOCG 2000 and this wine is usually priced at about twenty dollars to twenty-five dollars per bottle. This is a brilliantly intense, ruby-red colored Chianti wine which has the enticing aroma of forest fruits. This Chianti wine recommendation has a round and well balanced taste with moderate acidity. It is a reasonably priced Chianti wine which is an ideal accompaniment to a Romantic Picnic For Two.

Next on our list of Chianti wine recommendations is the Tiziano 2003 Chianti Wine. This wine is priced at about ten dollars per bottle. This is a Red Wine Chianti from Tiziano in Italy and is a truly harmonious wine with the scent of berries and violets which comes from the Sangiovese Grapes in it. While the Caniolo grapes in it give this Chianti wine recommendation a soft, smooth texture. Tiziano Chianti is a versatile wine and is a great accompaniment to many types of food. It is especially good to have with pasta dishes. (see Wine and Food Pairings)

These are our three favorite Chianti wine recommendations and are certainly a great starting place when it comes to choosing a Chianti wine. As you can see the price of Chianti wines can vary a lot but, if you know which wines to look for, even some of the cheapest Chianti wines are still great wines.


HC Winos

Hope everyone had a safe holidays.  The next event will be at Ray and Barbie's casa with a Valentine's theme on Feb 12th - CHAMPAGNE AND SPARKLINGS.

Here are the details:

Date: Saturday, February 12th
Place: Ray and Barbie Jeffrey's - 761 Shepherds Ranch
Time: 6 pm - 10 pm.
Food:  Bring a side dish
Cost:  Suggested donation of $10 members and $15 for non-members
Wine:  Sparkling of course

Bring a friend that you think will be a good candidate for the wine group.  Please respond to this email if you plan to attend and how many so Barb and Ray can make plans for food and beverages.

You can sign up for the next KLRN wine tasting event on Feb 20th to be a "corker".  Here are some details:

Wine and Food Festival, Sunday, Feb 20th from 4:30-8:30, we need Wine Corkers-to serve and open wine. This event has a $25 fee as you are allowed to also participate in the food and wine tasting for ½ of the festival as well as free parking, and some take home gifts. For this one as well, come as a group, or alone or come with your company logo and be provided some recognition as well. This could also be an organization that you belong to as well. I have attached the Wine and Food Fest Letter with info on this. The volunteer registration site is www.sawinefest.com for the Wine and Food Fest.

Also Diane and Sam are hosting the event in April so watch for details.

Let me know if you have any good ideas for upcoming events.  We need some volunteers.  The Wine Society of Texas wants us to host the anniversary event this Spring or Summer.



Hill Country Winos 

Get a glass of wine and sit down.  I have several things that I need your opinion / feedback on.

Third Thursday - We will meet again at Mike's in the Village in Bulverde around 6:30.  Casual gathering this time with no tasting like the last two times.  Last month we had Jaime Marmentini with 4 wines and the month before we had 6 wines from Bergheim Cellars from Ferrari-Carano.

Friday Nov 26th - Jane Wood has offered use of the Vintage for our wine group for the lighting of downtown Bulverde.  It will be a potluck BYOB event starting at 5 pm.  Please let me know if you plan to attend.  This will be a great home base for the festivities.  Thanks to Jane for hosting the event at our very own Cheers bar.

Dec 29th Wednesday - Annual Barge Event.  We are still able to get a barge for our annual event between Christmas and New Years.  To save a little money for everyone, we can have dinner in the bar like last year and then have a "booze" cruise with all of us on one barge for the river tour.  I don't have the exact cost details yet but I anticipate it being about $40 for members and $45 for non-members.  I need 30 people to get the barge.  PLEASE EMAIL ME if you are interested in attending.

Tour Enchanted Rock Distillery - I am trying to set up a tour for us at the new Vodka and Bourbon distillery in Bulverde.  Stay tuned for more details.

WST Membership - you should be getting a renewal membership in the mail over the next month.  Your continued membership helps to pay for our annual barge event and helps to fund scholarship grants for wine research in Texas.

Spring '11 Event - we have been asked to host a state Wine Society event in the Spring.  I would appreciate ideas and anyone interested in helping to plan the weekend event.

That is it for now.  Please let me know about the Nov 26th event and the Dec 29th event.




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